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So what is this thing they call Xwindows? Well, it is the 'graphical user interface' on most UNIX machines, which includes linux. What is the advantage of using X, as it's also called? Well, it makes things pretty. That is the short and tall of it. Most people don't use UNIX style operating systems because, it's not pretty by itself. It's like using DOS, and let's face it, who uses DOS anymore?

Here are some things you might want know about X11 and how it functions. Now this will by no means make you an expert, but it will give you the basics of what you need to know to customize X to your liking. For the most part, you can make X look like anything you want. For more information on that, please read the section on X11 Window Managers.

Getting X up and running

X11 Window Managers

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CueCat Driver 0.1.5
Linux kernel driver for the :Cue:Cat barcode reader.
Dieresis Colloquius 1.0.0 B PR2
Perl-based bulletin board system.
qVIX 1.0beta1
High quality, full-framerate, low bandwidth, realtime video conferencing.
vtgrab 0.1.2
A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
HappyDoc 0.7.1
A Python source documentation extraction tool.
pitchtune 0.0.2
An instrument tuner.
Partition Image 0.3.2
A harddisk cloning utility.
AutoZen 1.2.1
A tool to alter your state of consciousness.
vHost 1.01
A small Virtual Host administration utility for Apache.
TeXmacs 0.3.0-3
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor