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Who Are We?

While browsing this site, at some point you may have asked yourself, "Who are these people?" You might be wondering why you should listen to us or take our advice, of the millions of voices you'll hear on the Internet.

We are members of the Roanoke Valley GNU/Linux Users group, a Linux users group for Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and its surrounding areas. Some of us are system administrators or computer consultants with years of programming and computer-related tinkering under our belts; others have recently been where you are, and are trying to help you jump the hurdles we may have stumbled on the first time.

Essentially, we're a group of Linux enthusiasts from various walks of life who have come together with a single purpose: to make life easier for you, the new Linux user. We hope to shorten the "Learning Curve" that folks often experience when trying Linux; to get you and up running quicker and easier than you might have been able to otherwise; and maybe help you fine-tune, protect, and really get the most out of your system (or systems!) in the process.

We invite you to discover what we have to offer here for you, the new Linux user. Like so much of Linux, this site is a work in progress, and we want to know how we're doing! If you need some information you don't find here, or have a comment or question about any part of this site, please feel free to contact us - we'll be certain to answer you personally.

If you'd like to know more about the individual contributors, just click our names from the list below.

DaJoker - M. Adam Kendall

Eth0 - Ethan James

shiloh - Justin Stockton

Fenris - David Sirrine

Copyright © 2000 Roanoke Valley GNU/Linux Users Group
Get Software
CueCat Driver 0.1.5
Linux kernel driver for the :Cue:Cat barcode reader.
Dieresis Colloquius 1.0.0 B PR2
Perl-based bulletin board system.
qVIX 1.0beta1
High quality, full-framerate, low bandwidth, realtime video conferencing.
vtgrab 0.1.2
A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
HappyDoc 0.7.1
A Python source documentation extraction tool.
pitchtune 0.0.2
An instrument tuner.
Partition Image 0.3.2
A harddisk cloning utility.
AutoZen 1.2.1
A tool to alter your state of consciousness.
vHost 1.01
A small Virtual Host administration utility for Apache.
TeXmacs 0.3.0-3
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor