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Distribution Specific Overviews and Descriptions

Since Linux is a free, Open Source operating system, anyone can create their own package of Linux and distribute it (and sometimes it seems everyone has! ;) A distribution then is simply a package of the Linux kernel, some added software, and some default config files.

Each "distro" (short for distribution) has its own advocates, and comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some of the major differences are how and where each distribution places files on the filesystem, and the set of core software installed with the system.

To help you choose the distro you'll call your own, or to find out what you might be missing, click the logos for each distro below for a brief review.

Caldera Corel
Debian Mandrake
RedHat Slackware
SuSE turbolinux

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Get Software
CueCat Driver 0.1.5
Linux kernel driver for the :Cue:Cat barcode reader.
Dieresis Colloquius 1.0.0 B PR2
Perl-based bulletin board system.
qVIX 1.0beta1
High quality, full-framerate, low bandwidth, realtime video conferencing.
vtgrab 0.1.2
A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
HappyDoc 0.7.1
A Python source documentation extraction tool.
pitchtune 0.0.2
An instrument tuner.
Partition Image 0.3.2
A harddisk cloning utility.
AutoZen 1.2.1
A tool to alter your state of consciousness.
vHost 1.01
A small Virtual Host administration utility for Apache.
TeXmacs 0.3.0-3
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor