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Linux has a multitude of applications and software available. It slowly is becoming a viable alternative to Windows and Mac operating systems. From being able to connect to the Internet, to chatting with friends on ICQ, to financial analysis programs, Linux is holding it's own in the application market.

The beauty of Open Source initiatives also makes this software freely available to the public, with the quality of many expensive commercial applications. Here we try to get you started with some of our favorite applications, with descriptions on how to install and/or use the software.

Do we not have your favorite software listed? Want to have your work included in this site? Send us your review and we may include it in this site.

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CueCat Driver 0.1.5
Linux kernel driver for the :Cue:Cat barcode reader.
Dieresis Colloquius 1.0.0 B PR2
Perl-based bulletin board system.
qVIX 1.0beta1
High quality, full-framerate, low bandwidth, realtime video conferencing.
vtgrab 0.1.2
A utility for monitoring another machine's console.
HappyDoc 0.7.1
A Python source documentation extraction tool.
pitchtune 0.0.2
An instrument tuner.
Partition Image 0.3.2
A harddisk cloning utility.
AutoZen 1.2.1
A tool to alter your state of consciousness.
vHost 1.01
A small Virtual Host administration utility for Apache.
TeXmacs 0.3.0-3
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. technical text editor